Washing Wastewater Treatment

Characteristics of
Washing Wastewater

Washing wastewater is the washing wastewater generated from bedding, work clothes, medical linen and functional surgical linen, and contains a small amount of domestic sewage; it mainly includes pre-washing sewage, main washing sewage, washing sewage and drying sewage.

It has the following characteristics: the washing sewage contains surfactants, carboxymethyl vitamins, oil stains, dust particles and various microorganisms. It has a turbid appearance with containing a large number of short fibers, bacteria, viruses and other potentially infectious bacteria as well.

MBR Process Flow Sheet
Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment

A Washing Company Project in Shanghai City

A Washing Company Project in Shanghai City-Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment.png
Case Study

Outline of the Facility: 
A washing company in Shanghai of a total area of 1800 ㎡ with a 600 ³/ D treatment capacity, which was equipped with a total of 3 groups of PE150-200-2S membrane modules ,had been put into operation in 2018.

The influent COD concentration of the biochemical tank is about 400mg/l, the suspended solids SS is about 250mg/l, the sludge concentration of the membrane tank is stable at about 8000mg/l, and the effluent COD  is less than 50mg/l. Cleaning and maintenance are carried out every 3 months with a stable membrane operation.
Some Case Studies Offered: 
Kairui Project (Hotel) of 2000m³/d in Shanghai(2018)

Wuhan Project of 600m3/d in Hubei Province(2021)

Shicao Project(Hospital)of P.I 600m3/d,P.II 400m3/d in Shanghai(2017)

Longyan Project (Hotel) of 200m3/d in Fujian Province(2019)

Jieyi Project of 1000m3/d in Shanghai(2019)

Xinchuangfu Project of 300m3/d in Xinjiang Autonomous Region (2019)

Changzhou Project of 350m3/d in Jiangsu Province(2020)

Baojiete Project of 800m3/d in Beijing(2021)
Laundry wastewater

In wastewater treatment, PEIER MBR is often a technology of choice over conventional treatment.
In most countries, statutory regulation for discharge and reuse of municipal wastewater are enforced. 

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