Expressway Wastewater Treatment

Characteristics of
Expressway Wastewater

The sewage in the expressway service station mainly comes from toilet water, flushing wastewater, catering wastewater, cleaning water, etc. Affected by the weather, season, time period and other special conditions, the traffic flow will be very random, which will lead to the low load operation of the influent water quality. 

The water volume in holidays and festivals fluctuates greatly. In particular, there is a lot of sewage in toilets and showers, resulting in high concentrations of ammonia nitrogen and SS in the sewage in the service station and the water volume may be different every hour, every day, day and night. Due to the geographical restriction, the urban sewage pipe network cannot be arranged, and the discharge standard must meet the class I, A standard in the discharge standard of pollutants for urban sewage treatment plants (GB18918-2002).

MBR Process Flow Sheet
Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment

An Express Way Project in Henan Province

An Express Way Project in Henan Province-Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment.png
Case Study

Outline of the Facility: 
A highway service station of a total area of 390 ㎡ in Hehan with a 150 m³/ D treatment capacity, which was equipped with a total of 2 groups of PE150-130 membrane modules ,had been put into operation in 2019. 

The influent COD concentration of the biochemical tank is 400-450mg/l, and the ammonia nitrogen is 50-60mg/l. The sludge concentration of the MBR tank is stable at about 6000mg/l.

The effluent COD is less than50mg/l, and the ammonia nitrogen is less than 5mg/l. Cleaning and maintenance are carried out every 4 months with a stable 
membrane operation.
Some Case Studies Offered: 
Zhenping Project of 100m³/d in Henan Province(2019)

 Xinxiang Project of 150m³/d in Henan Province(2019)

Luohe Project of 100m³/d in Henan Province(2019) 

 Fugou Project of 200m³/d in Henan Province(2019) 

 Chongqing Project of 120m³/d in Sichuan Province(2019) 

 A Project of 150m³/d in Shandong Province(2021) 

 A Project of 150m³/d in Hebei Province(2018)
Expressway sewage

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In most countries, statutory regulation for discharge and reuse of municipal wastewater are enforced. 

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