Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Characteristics of
Municipal Wastewater

The quality of municipal wastewater is relatively stable, but the water volume fluctuates greatly. Due to the residential water peak period, it is often in the low load operation mode, and some water quality will have low influent COD and insufficient carbon source. In addition, for projects where rainwater and sewage are not diverted, the water volume affected by weather conditions will increase sharply, and the lack of nutrients in the water will lead to sludge loss.

Most of the park's wastewater is directly discharged by enterprises or reaches the discharge standard after treatment by enterprises. Its quality changes greatly, and the inffluent water volume is greatly affected by the production and drainage cycle of enterprises. In general, there are many refractory substances in the water, the composition is complex, the biodegradability is poor, and the requirements for the impact load resistance of the system are high.

MBR Process Flow Sheet
Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment

An Industrial Park Project in Jiangsu Province

An Industrial Park Project in Jiangsu Province-Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment.png
Case Study

Outline of the Facility: 
An industrial park project in Taizhou  with a 4800 ³/ D treatment capacity, which was equipped with a total of 20 groups of PE150II-160-3S membrane modules ,had been working since 2021.

The influent COD concentration of the biochemical tank is 100-150mg/l, and the ammonia nitrogen is 15-25mg/l. The sludge concentration of the MBR tank is stable at about 6000-8000mg/l. The effluent COD is less than 50mg/l, and the ammonia nitrogen is less than 5mg/l. Cleaning and maintenance are carried out every 3 months with a stable membrane operation.
Some Case Studies Offered: 
Taizhou project of 4800m³/d in Jiangsu Province(2021)

Pingyao project of 2000m³/d in Shanxi Province(2020)

Foxconn project of 3000m³/d in Guangdong Province(2016)

University of Finance and Economics project of 5000m³/d in Guangdong Province(2017)

Weigao project of 2000m³/d in Shandong Province(2018)

Qiandeng project of 6000m³/d in Jiangsu Province(2020)

Ningnan project of 5000m³/d in Sichuan Province(2020)

Peking University project of 2500m³/d in Beijing City(2021)
Municipal sewage

In wastewater treatment, PEIER MBR is often a technology of choice over conventional treatment.
In most countries, statutory regulation for discharge and reuse of municipal wastewater are enforced. 

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