Livestock Husbandry Wastewater Treatment

Characteristics of
Livestock Wastewater

Livestock wastewater, which is a high concentration organic sewage, mainly includes urine, feed residues, residual feces and flushing water and has a large content of suspended solids and ammonia nitrogen. It also contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, which will spread out in water and thus endanger human and animal health.

"Three High" characteristics are typical seen in livestock wastewater: COD 3000-12000mg/l, ammonia nitrogen 800-2200mg/l, and suspended solids concentration 2000 mg/l. There are also a number of factors that contribute to livestock wastewater characteristics, such as large drainage, high concentration, strong hydraulic impact load, high hardness, high concentration of organic matter, fast hydrolysis and acidification, deep color, and good biodegradability so on.

MBR Process Flow Sheet
Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment

A Hog Farm Project in Hubei Province

A Hog Farm Project in Hubei Province-Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment.png
Case Study

Outline of the Facility: 
A farm of a total area of 2880 ㎡ in Hubei with a 700 ³/ D treatment capacity, which was equipped with a total of 16 groups of PE150-120 membrane modules ,had been put into operation in 2020.

The influent COD concentration of the biochemical tank is 6000-8000mg/l, and the ammonia nitrogen is 700-800mg/l. The sludge concentration of the MBR tank is stable at about 10000mg/l. The effluent COD is less than 200mg/l, and the ammonia nitrogen is less than 2mg/l. Cleaning and maintenance are carried out every month with a stable membrane operation.
Some Case Studies Offered: 
Aonong Project of 700m³/d in Hubei Province(2020)

Leizhou Project of 300m³/d in Guangdong Province(2021)

Jinzhu Project of 150m³/d in Hujian Province(2020)

Ganzhou Project of 120m³/d in Jiangxi Province(2020)

Chengdu Project of 600m³/d in Sichuan Province(2021)
livestock and husbandry wastewater

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