Hospital Wastewater Treatment

Characteristics of
Hospital Wastewater

The sewage discharged by the hospital can be divided into four types. The first type is the sewage from the infectious diseases department; the second is the waste water of radiology department; the third kind is wastewater from general wards, outpatient areas and living areas; the fourth is laboratory wastewater.

Hospital sewage contains a certain pathogenic bacteria and viruses, which have the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent infection. Hospital sewage containing pathogenic microorganisms is discharged into urban sewer or environmental water without disinfection treatment, which has the potential risk of causing water pollution, causing various diseases and infectious diseases, and seriously endangering people's health.

MBR Process Flow Sheet
Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment

A Hospital Project in Henan Province

A Hospital Project in Henan Province-Process Flow Chart of Wastewater Treatment.png
Case Study

Outline of the Facility: 
A hospital in Xinxiang of a total area of 1800 ㎡ in Henan with a 600 ³/ D treatment capacity, which was equipped with a total of 8 groups of PE150-150 membrane modules ,had been put into operation on June 2015 , and then replaced its membrane elements on March 2021.

The influent COD concentration of the biochemical tank is about 380 mg/l, the sludge concentration of the membrane tank is stable at about 11000mg/l , the effluent COD is about 35mg/l, the number of fecal coliforms is less than 100 pcs /l, and the ammonia nitrogen is 5mg/l.  Cleaning and maintenance are carried out every 3 months with a stable membrane operation.
Some Case Studies Offered: 
Hefei Project of 2000m³/d in Anhui Province(2021)

Xinxiang Project of 700m³/d in Henan Province(2015)

Zhengzhou Project of 1500m³/d in Henan Province(2012)

● Xuzhou Project of 2700m³/d in Jiangsu Province(2012)

● Rizhao Project of 100m³/d in Shandong Province(2019)

● Ningbo Project of 500m³/d in Zhejiang Province(2020)

● Tianshui Project of 500m³/d in Gansu Province(2020)

● Fuzhou Project of 600m³/d in Fujian Province(2020)

Hospital sewage

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In most countries, statutory regulation for discharge and reuse of municipal wastewater are enforced. 

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